Generosity: Global



Generosity: Global is a non-profit organization with a local and international mission. They are committed to using the power of generosity to positively impact people by providing access to clean drinking water to people in developing countries, and helping people in the homeless community become self-sufficient. The organization exists to provide sustainable aid and resources to improve people’s lives. 


Generosity: Global's primary international function is providing access to clean drinking water by building wells in developing countries. In Baltimore, MD, they provide critical services to the homeless, including Selfless Saturday's where we feed the homeless, provide haircuts, and a mobile shower truck. 

You will often find my family at Selfless Saturday, which is a day filled with Serving the homeless community in cities around America every second Saturday of each month by providing nutritious home cooked meals prepared by volunteers, free haircuts, free clothing, and much more. Through serving, we are forging real relationships, friendships and trust as we build a bridge of hope into the homeless community, understanding their most important needs and doing our part to transition people from crisis to self-sufficiency.


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